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A Note from the President

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As the president of the European Branch of the American Counseling Association, I am honored to serve our members in this unique organization! I want to welcome each of you regardless of how your journey brought you here! We recognize while our members are from all over the world our common bond is to support, advocate for, and represent the clinicians and those who support counseling in Europe. This makes us a very unique organization. One of our foundational goals is to provide continuing education and resources to counseling professionals in Europe.

There is a lot of excitement as we go into our fall conference. We can’t wait to head back to the Hellenic American University/Hellenic American College  in Athens, Greece for our 63rd Annual Conference, Moving Through Together: Addressing A Changing World. It is no coincidence our conference title coincides with some new changes we made to our conference access. We recognize not everyone who supports the EB-ACA is able to attend a conference with accomplished practitioners and frontrunning research so far from home, wherever that may be. We are excited to offer our conference in person for the first time in three years in addition to an online option.

As a collective Board of Directors we continue to have dialogue with stakeholders, identify needs, and move in a  progressive direction to support all counselors and provide counseling resources in Europe. I would encourage you to reach out to the members on our Board. Their unique and global experiences are second to none and we await your suggestions, ideas, and questions. We encourage you to consider our many opportunities to join the EB-ACA movement. Those opportunities can be in the form of simply joining the EB-ACA as a member, attending or presenting at any of our conferences and Learning Institutes, or serving on any of our many committees including, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Graduate Student Committee, International Committee, and more!

Please browse our website to learn more about EB-ACA, upcoming events, and membership information, and follow us on social media for updates. We hope to hear from you or to meet you at a future EB-ACA event in person or virtually!


Jill Weidknecht Van Horne

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