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About Us

Our Mission

Our Purpose

European Branch-American Counseling Association is a unified partnership of diverse counseling professionals promoting the shared purpose of developing a deeper understanding of the profession, oneself, the individuals we serve, and to promote public confidence and trust in the counseling profession.

Our purpose is to enhance individual human development; to advance the disciplines of Counseling, Guidance, Psychology, and Personnel work; to stimulate, promote, and conduct programs of education and research in the above fields by (1) conducting and fostering educational, professional, and scientific meetings, conferences, and professional development workshops in these fields, (2) publishing and disseminating information on the above to both the professional community and the general public, and (3) serving as a central clearinghouse for information pertinent to the above fields. At EB-ACA, we also strive to develop and promote the highest standards of professional conduct among professionals working in the above fields in Europe and to establish, promote, and maintain improved communications among professionals working in the field both in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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